Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brainstorming for an Enthusiast Blog

Well, well, well... the time has come to choose a topic for which I blog about ALL semester. I put a whole lot of thought into this one, and I think I have some pretty good ideas about which to write about. I think I would enjoy blogging every one of these ideas, but just for fun, I'll rank em from "not gonna do it" to "probably gonna do it."

5.) "Wispy Meadows & Orange Sunsets" -- An enchanting look at nature, a thoughtful perspective on the finer points of life, a broad look at all that is wonderful about religion and art and... hahahahahaaaaaaa I couldn't keep going. That sounds like some bullshit my aunt would follow. I was just fucking around with that one.

4.) "I Spit Hot Fire" -- The best and worst of the current state of hip-hop. The best thing about rap music is its subjectivity... do you believe that Gorilla Zoe's album has been on the Billboard Top 100 for 22 weeks now? Gorilla Zoe sucks! With this blog, I'd intend to post some of my favorite tracks that maybe slipped under the radar, identify a lot of the top artists in the game right now and why they've earned that label, and air out all of the crap that is getting played on mainstream radio and MTV nowadays. It will be an informative and opinionated environment for which hip-hop fans (or non-hip-hop fans) will be smarter for having read.

3.) "Rhode Island Profilin' " -- Every single thing that sucks about the state of Rhode Island on a daily basis. I'm a college student who lives in the town of Narragansett -- the town in which nothing runs accordingly. Everybody drives like a senile 89 year old woman (aka a fucking idiot), the only action the police ever get is writing bullshit tickets to 19 year olds, and every single employee in a convenience store, auto shop, Dunkin Donuts, etc. is a complete douchbag with no sense of customer service principles whatsoever. As you can see, there are several things in this town that really grind my gears... and instead of stewing about it to my friends and fellow students, I feel that it would be more constructive to blog them. Then maybe the world will realize how fucking stupid this place is.

2.) "The Bronx Chopping Block" -- Where Yankees fans go to get their daily complaints from the average fan. Baseball has a long season, which leaves a lot of time to be pissed off about what your team is doing on the field. This blog intends to be the sounding board for everything that's going wrong with that lovable pinstriped team from the Bronx. Anytime Girardi puts in Phil Coke in a bad spot, I'll be there to bitch about it. Anytime a pitcher can't locate his fastball and gets shelled, I'll be there to bitch about it. And anytime A-Rod strikes/grounds/pops out in a big spot, I'll be bitching about it and THEN some. Get the picture?

1.) "Sharp Elbows" -- A comprehensive basketball blog with an edge to it. I look to write about pro ball and college ball from a hardcore fans' perspective. There will be commentary related to the X's and O's, the life of the players off the court, the scummy executives who write their paychecks... but mostly I will tackle topics about the heart and soul of the game. The passion that a great players brings to the floor, the intangibles that a team needs to succeed, the coaching style that a head coach utilizes to lead his team. I plan on having a section for good beats to ball to, and a weekly 'glue guy' (one of those dudes you just need on your team to win). Should be informative, should be edgy, should be everything that a big-time hoops fan would like from a blog, and I look forward to starting it.

So those are my rankings... any input as to which blog would be the most fun to read for YOU, please please please holla atcha boy.

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  1. Wispy Meadows & Orange Sunsets. For sure.

    No, seriously. 3, 2, or 1 could work great. Seems like you're the most passionate about 1, so I say go for it. While I'm a member of your audience, I am not the audience member that you should be looking to please with your topic choice. Besides, your personality is already oozing out of your words in this post, so that shows me that whichever topic you choose, it's definitely not going to be a boring read!