Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reflecting on My Mess-terpiece

Well, the blog has begun. "Broken Ankles" has launched and I've already written a massive NBA preview. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. There are certainly I want to change about the blog, but at the same time, don't have the heart to.

My posts are pretty friggin long. That was pointed out to me by my partners in peer review, and I totally agreed with them. But I just can't say what I want to say so concisely. I need to add jokes, obscure references, curse words, complaints -- all that shit. I love listing things. It's part of my style. I think?

My About Me sucks too. I can't find a way to describe myself as this blog writer without sounding like a cocky prick. What credibility do I have as a basketball critic? I played for awhile, I watch it a lot and I think I know mad shit about it. That's pretty much it. Does that sound credible? Hell no. But I guess there's not much I can do. I fluffed it up the best that I could. I'll roll with it, get some feedback and make the necessary tweaks.

Other than that, I'm just playing by ear. I've always wanted to write a blog like this, but I never really had the balls to do it. This is very experimental for me, but at the same time, extremely enjoyable. I'm my own biggest critic, so hopefully that trait will make this blog reach its full potential.

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