Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Me?

So what's so good about me -- why am I the guy that readers should be looking to for their basketball viewpoints and information? Well first off, I watch a ton of that shit. I love nothing better than going to a game (NBA/URI/HS, etc.), and when I don't get a chance to do that, I'm watching whichever game is on TV that night. I'm constantly analyzing, criticizing, and hypothesizing in my own mind on each play. I play ball myself all the time -- 3x a week at least I play pickup with my buddies, and most of the time, I love nothing better than just shooting around... just me, a ball and a hoop. It's kind of like a therapy outlet for me. I use playing basketball as a way to get my mind off of something and just relaxed. It's constantly refreshing.

I am big on statistics as well. I've read the sports page EVERY DAY since I was 6 years old. That's no bullshit man, you can ask my parents, aunts, uncles... anyone who's known me since I was a little kid. I'm constantly looking at stats, averages, and box scores and comparing them to what I think they should be. My father and I have played/coached together for over 15 years, and since we're best friends, we are always talking about the game. He played on the college level, and has passed much of his knowledge onto me. I've seen enough teams succeed and enough teams fail to know how to effectively play this game. I think once people see that I am extremely analytical, but at the same time competent enough to see the purity of the game, they'll recognize my credibility as a writer. I'm also a good communicator through writing, and I don't usually write my opinions -- I just use other fans as sounding boards. Writing will allow me the freedom to draft my analyses exactly the way I think of them in my head, which is an advantage I don't often have. I'm excited to see how it will translate -- I'm expecting good results.

Listen, I know my shit when it comes to this topic. I'm catering the blog exactly to my strengths. And to be quite honest, I'm fucking right most of the time with what I say. So yeah, you're goddamn right I'm a credible author. And anyone who doesn't think so is obviously a moron. End of story, let's start the blog.

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