Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Manual of Style

After going through the WikiTravel Manual of Style, I learned a lot about how the site is built and what goes into each entry. A few things stood out to me that I thought would be important to other readers...

-- There are very specific ways in which they want you to write and format the article. For example, I was surprised at how specific they got when it came to bold/italics and how they should be used. I kind of viewed those as being sort of interchangeable, but apparently, you use bold for titles and theme words, and italics to emphasize points.

-- Second-person pronouns (you, friends, etc.) are OK, first-person pronouns (I, we, etc.) are not.

-- If you're going to write anything about gay/lesbian people, BE CAREFUL. They dedicated a whole section to explaining how information for homosexuals should be presented. Necessary? Well, I read the whole page, and I sure as hell didn't think so. But apparently, anything homo-related is under strict scrutiny over at WikiTravel.

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