Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wikitravel Destinations

I have no particular preference as to what kind of entry I'd like to contribute to. There aren't really too many destinations that I have supreme knowledge on, though there are a few that I could write about for a bit. I could go on and on about several places -- some of which I've visited multiple times, and a few that I've had just one memorable experience with. These are some possible areas of focus, randomly ordered:

-- Outer Banks, NC
-- Seaside Heights, NJ
-- Acapulco, MX
-- Narragansett, RI
-- Long Beach Island, NJ
-- Queechy Lake, NY
-- Newport, RI

I feel like I could easily gather tons of useful information on any one of those places. Some interest me more than others, and obviously some entries will be more developed than others, so that's something I'm gonna have to take into consideration when I ultimately choose. I think once I understand what's required of each entry, then I'll have a better idea of which one I'd want to choose.

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