Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Dynamics of a Group Project

So for our website redesign project, my group decided to completely split our tasks up (definitely the right decision). Everybody is responsible for their own thing, and based on my perception of my fellow group members' competencies, I'm not worried about a thing. Since this is approximately my 547th group project of the semester, I've grown accustomed to distrusting these random johns that I'm forced to work with. Maybe it's because I'm in the business school, where being a lazy piece of shit is apparently a requirement for admission. But in this case, I got paired up with some people that are really on the ball. Becca and Christine have really done a fabulous job with doing the major site redesign -- we collaborated on a plan, they communicated it, and they executed it very well. Matt talked about his skills in persuasive writing, and based on the proposal memo he brought into class on Wednesday, my man was right on about that. He did a great job. As for me? Well, since I was apparently able to grasp the concept of a site map, that became my responsibility. The feedback was good on what I prepared for Wednesday's peer review, so I'm gonna keep rolling with it. I trust that when our project is complete and handed in by Monday, it'll meet all the requirements and turn into a good grade. I just feel fortunate that this process of group work was tremendously less painful than most of my experiences. Was it the luck of the draw with my partners? Was it Sakai? Was it the layout of the project? Don't know, and quite frankly, don't care. As long as everyone has the same goal and can produce, it works out for everyone in the end.

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