Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Issues & Causes

I'm not your typical kid when it comes to opinions, viewpoints, etc. By reading some of my comments and blog posts, you may have noticed that by now. Either way, when it comes to listing issues that concern me, just know that these probably aren't going to be common answers. A lot of 'popular' causes that pop up (abortion, animal rights, Liberals vs. Republicans), in my opinion, are just ways for people to bitch about nothing. Some people live in a fantasy world, and when you hear them talk about these 'causes', it's quite evident. Did Michael Vick deserve two years in prison? I sure don't think so. But doggies are so cute!

This is not meant to undermine or disparage the upcoming project (I actually think it's gonna be fun to do), it's just my two cents on these common activist causes. So without further ado, my picks:

1.) Fatherless Homes -- Do you know how much more likely it is that a kid (boys mostly) will grow up to be a fuck up if his dad is not a part of his life? I've seen so many examples of this, and it bothers the hell out of me.

2.) Reverse Racism -- Due to the fact that white people are continuously playing catch-up with black people, some of the ways blacks blatantly discriminate against US go completely unnoticed. Trust me, I played high school basketball in northern New Jersey for 4 years -- you should hear some of the things East Orange fans would say to us when we walked into their gym. But hey, slavery/civil rights/Rodney King/affirmative action gives them the right! Yeah right, what the fuck did I have to do with any of that?

3.) Corruption -- The rich fucking people over to get that much richer. Bernie Madoff. Enron. Local governments. Judges with lifetime tenure. The whole thing is just sleazy, incredibly unethical, and it'll never stop.

4.) Age Discrimination -- Prime example: The town of Narragansett, Rhode Island. Not only do 19-22 year olds keep the entire town's economy afloat during the fall and winter months, but they feel the need to create bogus laws to squeeze every remaining dime out of us that they can. And what are we gonna do about it? Nothing, because I'm 21. So that gives them the right to fuck me over. Makes perfect sense.

5.) Unemployment -- Everybody should have the opportunity to earn a living and support themselves. Not everyone has the drive to sustain it, but they should at least be given a chance. Hey Rhode Island, if your unemployment rate is so high, why don't you start turning some of your gas stations into full service? I know Steve my alcoholic neighbor wouldn't mind pumping gas all day for $9 an hour.

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