Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jonesin Some Intros

So how should I introduce these fine pieces of work that I have so masterfully crafted over the course of this semester?

I think a great collective idea, that could definitely work for all of these projects, is for each intro to take on the approach of "Everybody's an idiot except for me." It encompasses me being an asshole and me being a know it all, which was what I was going for in my basketball blog to being with. Little did I know that all 4 projects could be done with the same mindset.

Enthusiast Blog -- How could any of you think you know a damn thing about this sport?
Wikitravel -- Do you people REALLY want to know what's going on in this town, instead of listening to some moron?
Web Redesign -- Look at how stupid these Surf Club people are! Their website absolutely sucks! THIS is how it's done...!
Ning Cause Site -- You morons have got to stop getting screwed by these scams. Let me step in and teach you a few things.

I could roll with that for the whole portfolio. Easily. I get cocky when I write (if you haven't noticed). The problem could come about during my presentation -- I don't know how to exactly ACT like this asshole persona because I'm not totally like that. I mean I could, but I don't think I want to. I'd attract such hatred from the crowd. Plus the presentation is on my birthday, and it's hard to be pissed off on your birthday. AND it's my last final! How am I supposed to be anything but a bubbly, charming young man up there?! Ah, such decisions to make in this final week.

Good thing I don't have much work to do in my other classes. Yes, that was a joke.

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