Friday, December 4, 2009

Kimball Slice

Soooooo this article was about what makes up a GOOD web portfolio. Apparently this Kimball character is some kinda expert on the subject. I wonder what his credentials for advisement are. Do you think he went to school for that? Ah, I'm just being a prick. He's probably very well-qualified. Anyway, let's take a brief look on what this herb said...

-- Collection... in that it shows the author's body of work
-- Reflective... in that it explains the context of each piece and the process of it all
-- Purposeful... in that all the pieces encompass one goal; they're in there for a reason
-- Audience... in that the author has a specific audience in mind

A couple of more interesting points I stumbled upon...
-- Portfolios are good because they give you the freedom to emphasize your talents and the skills you've picked up as an author. As opposed to that of an exam, where you're only allowed to show what the question dictates to you.
-- A good advantage to creating a portfolio on the web is that you have a REAL audience... anybody can see it.
-- Subtlety, clarity, and consistency -- the keys to the design aesthetic of a web portfolio
-- The author's self-assessment of his/her work is paramount to a revealing and engaging portfolio.

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