Friday, December 4, 2009

What I'm Gonna Change

Well, after much consideration (good joke, it was easy), I've decided which two of my projects that I'm going to tear into and revise for the final portfolio.

My Enthusiast Blog
First of all this was my favorite project, and I think I might continue to expand it even after this semester. It has the most potential for improvement, simply because it has the most content. A lot of my posts were real lengthy and sometimes incoherent early on. I feel like in my later posts I really honed in on the type of style that I originally intended to evoke. I think if I take what I've learned from repetition and apply it to those earlier posts, then the blog as a whole will be more complete. Also, as my lovely professor suggested, the blog definitely has room for some more diverse media (aka YouTube videos!). I tried to embed a video into a post the other day, but couldn't really figure it out. I think with a little more focus and time I could throw some good shit in there, though. When it's all said and done, the blog will be the one piece that really MAKES my portfolio.

Wikitravel Site
I'm also going to revise the Wikitravel entry I handed in for my hometown of Rockaway, NJ. I felt rushed on this project -- maybe I didn't give it its due focus, I don't know. Either way, it could use some visual imagery, and the markup isn't exactly correct as it stands. Plus there's tons more content that I've thought to add since the project was due. So I think this would stand to be significantly improved upon.

So those are my choices. What are the similarities between the two? They're MINE, all mine! No pesky group members' messes to clean up. On a serious note, I wouldn't feel right tweaking what other people have done, because that's their product and I wouldn't feel like I had the right to touch it. So I'm focusing on me and what I've been responsible for. Hopefully it all comes together well so that I don't have to take this course all over again...!

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