Sunday, December 6, 2009


Looking at all my process blog posts, I realized something. Well, I re-realized it because my mother brings this up all the time, but... anyway... I'm a big time hater. I hate on innocent things, guilty things, normal things, you name it. I enjoy insulting the authors of some of the articles we're supposed to read. I also like to make fun of whatever subject our project is on (ex./ social networking ewwwww).

Basically, this whole process blog makes me come off like a real asshole. I say some really mean things in some really mean ways. Tada, there's an idea. Why don't I base my entire portfolio around me being an asshole! Brilliant!

1.) An angry, in your face person. How can I translate this into an actual THEME? Well, I'd probably try to emulate the types of themes that many stand-up comics use. Guys like Chris Rock, Lewis Black, Denis Leary... these are entertainers that have made careers off "no holds barred, telling it like it is, vulgar, controversial" rhetoric. I feel like I have much the same thing going in my blogs. Somehow, I'd like to center my aesthetic and reflective intros around that.

2.) A lighter take on the whole 'mean guy' thing -- how bout a seemingly angelic, innocent boy (yes, that's me), who unassumingly has the most rotten, foul-mouthed things to say? Sort of like a Stewie Griffin. Or like Cartman when he's faking nice. For example, writing my reflective intros with a gentle tone, only to throw in an F-bomb and a vulgar reference here and there, so as to keep the reader on their toes. How would this translate visually? Beats me, I'd have to play around with that.

3.) Sort of relating to my enthusiast blog would be that of a physical basketball player. I could use a theme much like my 'Broken Ankles' blog, and write everything with an intense tone and tie everything together with basketball. Problem with that would be that it could be a stretch for ALL of the projects (esp. site redesign and the SNS) to be relating to basketball. Oh well...

Ideally I'd like to take things from #2 and combine them with #1 to make my theme. The only problem I feel like I'd run into would be design aesthetics. Nothing is coming to mind for color schemes, fonts, etc. Like I said, I guess I'll just have to play around some.

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